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Spokane's Leading EFI Tuning Shop

Here at EPC Racing we take EFi Tuning very seriously. We don't believe in just WHP numbers, but reliability and longevity. The time spent EFi tuning on our dyno is to make sure that every aspect of your vehicle is tuned. From cold start to full drivability we guarantee your vehicle will perform when needed.

High performance street cars are all the rage these days but unlike single application vehicles (drag cars, drift cars, etc), these can be daily driven. Daily driven vehicles spend 90% of the time in drivability mode section of your tune. With EFi Tuning we can get to those hard to tune spots to ensure peak drivability.

EPC Racing has a wide variety of EFi Tuning software available to provide the best tune for your ride: EFILive, Holley EFi Tuning, HP Tuners, and Megasquirt Tuning.

  • Holley Performance Products
  • HP Tuners Tuning
  • EFi Live Tuning
  • Diablosport Tuners Sold Here
  • AEM Products Sold Here
  • Edelbrock Pro Flo
  • MEFi Burn Tuning in spokane washington
  • Hondata Tuners
  • Spokane washington Haltech EFi Tuning
  • DSM Link Tuning washington
  • Big Stuff EFi Tuning washington
  • Fast EFi standanlone tuning

Tuning Satisfaction Guaranteed

Additionally, we make sure that light, medium, full and transitional throttle tuning is perfected in order to have no flat spots or any lean or rich transitions. Custom EFi Tuning ensures that your fuel and timing map work in sync to give you the best performing tune for your vehicle.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
Best efi tuner in spokane

Extensive EFi Knowledge

We’ve made it our mission to familiarize ourselves with as many EFi systems as we can. When given the opportunity we have even provided RND for some of the top EFi systems on the market. Needless to say our EFi Tuning knowledge is top notch.

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EFi tuning takes time. We recommend booking a full day on our dyno. This guarantees we can solve any tuning related problems your vehicle may have. $200 deposit required for full day.

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Read Testimonials

  • 5 of 5

    Fantastic service!!!

    "Ernie is most knowledgeable motorhead in the region. He has a passion for what he does and will not stop until it is perfect. I would recommend EPC racing to everyone from entry-level to the high-level when it comes to performance."

    Aaron R, Facebook
  • 5 of 5

    My car was a total mess when I brought it in

    Fuel was so rich I was leaving a huge cloud of smoke out of my exhaust. Not only did he tune my car he put up with me having stipped bolts and a dead battery. This will be my first stop after getting a much needed turbo upgrade

    Cameron O
  • 5 of 5

    Fixed incorrect tune on my Mustang

    Thank You Ernie for fixing that messed up tune on my gt500 that last tune on my GT500 was from James D'Amore they said he was really good your better by far anyone need a tune call Ernie thats the only person you need to talk too forget the data logging and sending files just call Ernie he will take car of you and treat you right i highly recomended him and thanks again car runs great best call I made and will be using you from now on.

    James H

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