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Performance meets Cruiser

When we started this project the only complete item on the vehicle was the motor. We were tasked with a complete restoration and we did just that. In order to turn this non running car into a mean lowrider we had to start with the basics. Custom mounts and supports for the much larger than factory 572 Big Block.

From there we moved onto air ride suspension, Wilwood Disc Brakes, and installing all the necessary drivetrain. We were far from done. At this point we introduced 2 donor 70 impalas to make the car complete and get it ready to send out for paint and body.

When the impala returned from paint and body the tedious work began. We upgraded the entire vehicle wiring to a modern system and wired the car from headlight to tailight. We also had to build all the airide lines, mount the tanks, install dynomat and re-assemble the details of the car.

This was a long project but the result at the end was worth the wait.

  • Aspiration: N/A
  • Horsepower: 390WHP
  • Torque: 504WHP
  • Quarter Mile Time: Unknown

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    Fantastic service!!!

    "Ernie is most knowledgeable motorhead in the region. He has a passion for what he does and will not stop until it is perfect. I would recommend EPC racing to everyone from entry-level to the high-level when it comes to performance."

    Aaron R, Facebook
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    My car was a total mess when I brought it in

    Fuel was so rich I was leaving a huge cloud of smoke out of my exhaust. Not only did he tune my car he put up with me having stipped bolts and a dead battery. This will be my first stop after getting a much needed turbo upgrade

    Cameron O
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    Fixed incorrect tune on my Mustang

    Thank You Ernie for fixing that messed up tune on my gt500 that last tune on my GT500 was from James D'Amore they said he was really good your better by far anyone need a tune call Ernie thats the only person you need to talk too forget the data logging and sending files just call Ernie he will take car of you and treat you right i highly recomended him and thanks again car runs great best call I made and will be using you from now on.

    James H

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