Custom Turbo Systems

Turbo Kits built for any application

Custom Turbo Systems have become quite popular in the aftermarket performance industry, as a result many people wish to build their own custom turbo system. Now you can easily get a custom system that unleashes a whole new level of performance for your vehicles. EPC Racing is a trusted name in builds and even installs flawless Custom Turbo Systems for any vehicle be it Car, Trucks, Off-Road vehicles and many others. We are known to deliver great results with any kind of motor by using only the best brands in the performance industry.

EPC Racing always use high quality parts in all of their projects, they take great pride in delivering amazing results by utilizing parts made by top of the line brands. Here are some of the best performance parts brand that are used to make the turbo kits.

Garrett Turbochargers

One of the leading names in Turbo Aftermarket parts, they have been making quality parts which have been used in Racing Event like the F1 and World Rally Championship. Their turbo kits offer the best quality along with outstanding performance and durability, they are also known for a variety of different parts that changed the performance industry.

Precision Turbochargers

They world leaders in turbocharger technology that have been flawless parts for street and racing vehicles, they have setting high standards for quality and performance in the aftermarket parts industry. They have made turbochargers that have helped many racing companies in setting records and winning championships, apart from turbochargers they also make cutting edge inter-coolers, fuel-injectors and stand-alone engine management systems.

Turbosmart Performance Products

They make crucial components that are used in making Custom Turbo Systems like, the wastegate that governs the pressure at which the turbocharger pushes air into the engine and the blow-off valves which are responsible for releasing the excess pressure out of the charge-pipes. Turbosmart has made parts for many vehicles that have also been involved in drag racing and other motor sports.

Tial Sports

This Company has always been pushing the envelope to create flawless performance parts that raise the standards of turbocharger systems, and these engine boosting systems are sold in the market at very competitive prices. Their first product was a super alloy wastegate, since then they have been dedicated to delivering the highest quality parts made in USA.

Turbonetics Turbochargers

Their systems are known to give the horsepower a mighty boost and they even make other components like forced induction systems and pressure control components, they also make industrial level parts which are used in trains and military vehicles. They have been making products that have been delivering outstanding performance and durability since 1978.

PWR Performance Products

This Australian based manufacturer has been making many performance parts that are used for major events like Nascar, World Rally Championship and F1, they mainly make cooling systems like inter-coolers and oil-coolers which are quite important in building a high performance Turbo System.

We deal in all these top of line brands and many more, however we do not use any cheaply made Chinese products or used parts which are available over the internet. Our Custom Turbo Systems are are made in-house and are fully custom, which is built for your vehicle to ensure a perfect fit.

We even make our own custom manifolds as they are one of the most vital parts in building flawless turbo systems, we offer to make them in mild steels like 304/321 Stainless and many more. All of our custom manifolds are hand welded and even purged with gases to prevent oxidation.