Supercharging Systems

Get power on command with a Supercharging System

Supercharger Systems are the best way to get the maximum horsepower and torque out of you vehicle, these powerful devices drastically improve the combustion by sending pressurized air to the engine which burns the fuel more efficiently and unlocks the vehicles true performance. With the latest technologies these devices have become even more efficient with upgraded intake systems and new-age inter-cooling systems, we deal only in the best quality supercharging parts made by only the most popular manufacturers in the market, because they deliver products which help to protect your engine life.

Here are Some of the Popular Brands that We Offer:

Whipple Superchargers

This brand speaks for itself as it has earned a lot of goodwill through the years, Whipple Superchargers used their superior knowledge and technology to create a new lineup of superchargers, these highly efficient devices were made with all the latest technology like rotar-profiles, and bearing design which changed their twin screw superchargers forever. They still work hard to continue making new innovative designs that can deliver an improved performance.

Kenne Bell Superchargers

Another contender in the twin screw supercharger industry is Kenne Bell, they have been coming up with best-selling products since a long time and have earned a lot of goodwill in the performance industry. Their recent achievement was a liquid cooled twin screw supercharger for the Shelby 1000. Their superchargers are known to deliver the largest displacements along with low restrictions on high RPMs and efficient inlet mechanisms.

Procharger Superchargers

Superchargers manufactured by Procharger are said to be the most reliable kits available, its superior inter-cooler technology delivers the highest power and torque while maintaining low air temperatures. This brand is always implementing new technology and physics to maintain and improve their high-quality standards


Eaton is a brand that makes one of kind root type positive displacement superchargers, these root type devices are made to increase the overall torque without affecting the emission or the drivability. This aftermarket performance part is also good for fuel economy as it allows reduced air loss which give a fuel economy.

Vortech Superchargers

Another popular brand that makes quality supercharger systems and units, Vortech is also known for its racing equipments and fittings. Their systems appear like original equipment but provide a far more sophisticated performance, these complex supercharger systems thoroughly improve the vehicle's existing power and performance.


They make aftermarket parts for cars and motorcycles, it is also one of the most respected name in the performance industry. They manufacture complete kits that provide excellent drivability along with maximum flow of power and quiet operation. they also make unique inlet configurations that cause improved air flow and keep the engine cooler. They offer three different types of systems called Street, Track and Professional Tuner Systems.

We can get any of these latest aftermarket upgrades and supercharger systems installed on your vehicle, our highly skilled and professional personnel will make sure that the devices are fitted in the right way. So you can the assured that your supercharger installation is done perfectly and give you the best results.