Complete Honda Tuning

High Performance Honda Tuning

Honda Tuning remains quite a debatable topic even today, many people believe that a Honda car can never truly become a high performance car. We at EPC racing like to prove them wrong, we have extensive experience in tuning Hondas and Other Imports. We have been in the tuning game since the beginning in 1990's when there stood a rivalry between imported and domestic vehicles, so we are quite confident about our expertise for delivering an unmatched tuning for Hondas. We have proved time and time again creating 600+ horsepower Hondas, further proving imports aren't to be taken lightly.

We deal in all kinds of imports and applications right from swapped Hondas to Mitsubishis, our group of expert engineers have a keen interest and passion for 4 cylinder performance. The performance of cars tuned by EPC are unmatched to anyone else in the industry.

Tuning can truly alter the way a car performs, it can unlock the engines hidden horsepower and compliment all the imports installed on the vehicle. All the parts work together in a car so tuning just one aspect of the vehicle is not enough, let our engineers take care of all your tuning needs right from tuning the air intake to programming the sophisticated fuel injection systems. The results will surely surprised you and bring out the real performance of your imports.

So if you are looking to get your Honda tuned to its max potential we can do it.

EPCs Turbo Charged Mugen Honda

This may look like a show car but its more go than so. Prior to the 2016 race season this 93 Honda Civic EG was equipped with a fully build B-16A and a custom EPC built Turbo Kit. Pushing out over 500 WHP, we were capable of getting this car to go in the 10s. At the end of its season we decided to change it up a bit. This civic is now equipped with... well... you're just going to wait and see come the 2016 race season but what we can tell you is this car is capable of turning a 9 second pass or faster.

Honda Tuning

Autoclub Dragway Fontana CA - 10.55 @ 128 MPH


EPC Turbocharged 510

EPC Racing has proudly sponsors a number of racers, this year we are proud to sponsor our racer Christine Mena and her highly modified 1971 Datsun 510 which has a Fully Built Turbocharged SR20DET engine from Nissan. The SR20DET engine swaps are quite popular due to the forced induction aftermarket additions available. We manged to fit this beast into a Datsun and unlocked a whole new level competitive performance. Making 600+ WHP we are working on some 9 second passes this season.