EFi Tuning

Spokanes EFi Tuning Specialist

Here at EPC Racing we take EFi Tuning very seriously. We don't believe in just WHP numbers, but reliability and longevity. We spend our time making sure that every aspect of your ride is tuned. From cold start, idle stability, to full drivability. Drivability is the one of many important factors in EFi Tuning. You spend 90% or more of your time in the drivability mode section of your tune. We make sure that every aspect of your tune is perfected to what your ride needs. We make sure that light, medium, full and transitional throttle tuning is perfected in order to have no flat spots or any lean or rich transitions. Custom EFi Tuning ensures that your fuel and timing map work in sync to give you the best performing tune for your vehicle.

We will maximize your wide open throttle (WOT) tuning for optimal power without sacrificing reliability and longevity. We can unlock the hidden horsepower missing from your vehicle. We tune any EFi system out there. Below is a list of some of the systems we tune. If your system is not listed do not worry...we can tune it.

  • Holley EFi Systems
  • HP Tuners
  • FAST EFi
  • SCT
  • AEM
  • and much more!