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Best Dyno Tuning Spokane

We have a 2016 Dynocom 15000 series 2WD Dyno with a feresa eddy current capable of 2400HP and 240+ MPH, Our dyno is capable of holding 3000ft lbs of torque to support the toughest Diesel Powered vehicles. Our dyno also comes equipped with the x knurled option providing the highest traction available over any other dyno on the market.

All this combined with our 20+ years of tuning/performance experience we can provide you with the competitive edge in HP and Torque gains without sacrificing reliability and durability.

EPC Racing has many years of tuning EFI Systems such as…

  • HP Tuners
  • EFI Live
  • Holley EFi
  • Fast EFi
  • MEFI Burn
  • SCT
  • Edelbrock Proflow 1,2,XT
  • AEM
  • Hondata
  • Chrome
  • Haltech
  • DSM Link
  • Big Stuff
  • and Many More

We not just about EFi, we also tune Carburetors such as…

  • Holley
  • Edelbrock
  • Quick Fuel
  • CSU Blow Through
  • and Many More. Click here for more details.

We continue to advance our tuning knowledge as new products, systems and engines come out. If you don’t see your EFi system or carburetor listed above don’t worry, just give us a call or contact us…we can tune it.

Our Dyno

Dynocom Chassis Dyno

Dynocom 15000 Series


  • Eddy Current
  • 240+ MPH
  • 2400+ FT LBS
  • 24 in. Rollers