Custom Wiring

Add any electronics to your car...the right way

EPC Racing can build custom wiring harnesses for all your EFi needs. We use only the highest quality connectors and bulk heads. When planning out your harness we make sure to make as the harness and routing as clean as possible. Our mission is to make sure your vehicle looks just as clean under the hood as it does on the outside.

Our custom harnesses work with all the following applications:

  • Factory GM/Ford/Mopar/Honda Swaps
  • Holley EFi
  • Fast EFi
  • Big Stuff
  • Accell
  • AEM
  • Motec
  • MEFI
  • and many more.

We can do custom setups to transform your car to drive by wire, traction control, etc. Call if you have a product you don’t see. We can do it.