Carburetor Tuning

Make you carburetor run at its peak performance level

Carburetor Tuning is quite a challenging task and one of the major factors governing the total output of the engine, in today's age of fuel injection systems they are still widely used in a variety of vehicles. Tuning can unleash a lot of hidden power just by adjusting the air and fuel mixture settings of the fuel-delivery system which is also called the Carburetor. At EPC Racing we can tune your carburetor to give the maximum performance output and optimize fuel economy, we can make any car engine into a razor sharp racing machine.

We give your vehicles the perfect air-fuel ratios in a manner which will not only improve your performance drastically but also make your vehicle run smoother at cruising speeds. Our team of expert engineers have extensive knowledge about all the aspects of performance upgrading and they will custom tailor the ignition systems of your cars to achieve the performance that you desire.

Having a custom made performance car is incomplete without the correct tuning of the carburetor, we make sure that all the performance parts of your vehicles function in an optimum manner. This is made possible only with the precise air/fuel ratio and and smooth fuel delivering channels.

Benifits of getting you Carburetor tuned by Professionals:

Though in today's world the internet has all the information that is needed to learn things, no matter how well its is explained tuning a carburetor is quite a complicated task which is done best by our group of experienced professionals.

Throttle Tuning: With our tuning we ensure the best driveability with a precise and lean air/fuel ratios. Since many street vehicles spend their time at ideal engine speeds, we make sure that carburetor is tuned to deliver fuel the correct amount of fuel at ideal speeds so the vehicle can deliver a better mileage.

Smooth Output: When you get your vehicle tuned by a professional you can surely feel the difference, the engine is kept healthy and all the power of the fuel is used in an optimum manner. We do extensive testing to make sure that you get the maximum power out of your vehicle and all the fuel is used completely, when using the vehicle at cruise speed or idle speed are carburetor tuning make sure that you get the best mileage and responsive power at the same time.

Cleaning: Carburetors can get dirty and worn out from extensive use, the fuel lying in the carburetor bowls can react with the moisture in the atmosphere and potentially cause blockages in the fuels pathway. We pay great attention to detail at EPC Racing and ensure that the carburetors are completely clean for smooth performances. While using a car for competitive racing this can make a huge difference as a free flowing fuel delivering system is a must if you want your vehicle to give you the optimum performance.

We at EPC Racing offer all types of Carburetor Tuning services for street as well as racing vehicles, we can get your engine to deliver staggering power and great mileage at the same time.